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28 Apr

One of our pupils was so inspired by our geography topic that he persuaded his family to go on a sightseeing trip over the weekend! He took them to many of the landmarks we've located and studied - we hope he was an excellent tour guide!

We love seeing learning going on at home, getting the whole family involved. Remember to share all the wonderful activities you're doing at home.

We love every Flexi-Friday but this one felt a little more "historic" as we spent the day learning about King Charles III. Many of the children were surprised to learn that he was the first heir to attend an actual school rather than being taught at home. They were impressed by his commitment to charities and the environment too. Classes were able to spend the end of the day preparing decorations for the classroom which we look forward to using next week.

In maths, we've continued learning all things FRACTIONS. This can be quite a confusing topic but the children have shown their resilience and determination as always. 

Questions to ask this weekend:

*How do you know 1/2 and 3/6 are equivalent?

*What is 1/3 of 12? Can you draw a bar model to prove it?

*Which conjunctions and adjectives are most useful when trying to persuade someone to come to Birmingham?

*After reading "The Wild", was it right that the little girl returned to the forest? What happened in the text to support your decision?

*Is Little Red Riding Hood's hood roja or rosa?

*Did her abuela live in a casa or a bosque?

  • Reception - Children in Need

    Reception had lots of fun learning about Children in Need and raising money for those in need. 
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  • Reception - The Three Little Pigs

    Over the past two weeks, Reception have been very busy learning about the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs. We started by learning the story and retelling it together using a story map. The children have been amazing at retelling the story and have enjoyed acting it out using puppets and masks. After learning the story, we decided to help the pigs by designing a brand new house for them to live in.
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    Thursday's PE was a break from the norm. We had a coach from Warwickshire Cricket Board running us through our wicket keeping and batting skills. Many of us used muscles we don't think we'd used before! It was a whole load of FUN!
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  • Cricket Superstars!

    Our Year 3 and Year 6 children have had a great time learning some fabulous Cricket skills today with Luke from Warwickshire Cricket Board and Mr Latham.  
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  • Year 1 - Ball Skills

    1FG had such fun in PE learning new ball skills.
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    Some children may be bringing home a new "ear worm"! This week, we introduced them to Kylie Minogue's version of The Locomotion. As part of our build up to the grand TG Jubilee, we have begun learning a mini routine to this track. Not surprisingly, many of them are already better at it than Mrs Evans and Mrs Jones...it was so much fun learning it with them in the hall.
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    This week we have been well and truly getting “stuck into” our geography topic. Using our maps we have been exploring the physical features of Europe. We were surprised that the River Danube flowed through so many countries. We were already familiar with the Alps as we knew it crossed the border between Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland.
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    ¡Hace mucho calor hoy! As part of our geography topic, we read about an artist called Claude Monet, who was born in France in 1840. We decided to learn more about the art he produced using quick brush strokes, unblended colour and light. Today, we explored some of his most famous paintings - some fab discussion about the art made us feel, which colours were most dominant and that they had a common theme of outdoors and water!
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    “What have you done today to make you feeeeeeeeel proud?!” “I was so happy I managed to travel skipping. I hadn’t done that well before” – Poppy-Jayne “Normally, I think I’m not that great at sport so I was proud to get the award” – Shadab “The people I was up against on the final are really fast. I was so proud of how well I did!” – Marius “My dedication at football paid off. I was really good at the dribbling relay” – Jaiden “Winning a medal was a lovely, unexpected surprise” – Kellen “I used my skills from football club outside of school, to scan ahead of me when I was dribbling” – Poppy We had an amazing day on Tuesday in our Sports Day.
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    We have had a wonderful end to this half term. Thank you to all the children for their effort and enthusiasm during the Jubilee build up and celebrations. They put a huge smile on every adult's face this afternoon! The Year 3 teachers would like to remind you all to stay safe, read something good, play games (outside or on a board...not just on an electronic device) and be the person that makes someone else's day.
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