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28 Apr

One of our pupils was so inspired by our geography topic that he persuaded his family to go on a sightseeing trip over the weekend! He took them to many of the landmarks we've located and studied - we hope he was an excellent tour guide!

We love seeing learning going on at home, getting the whole family involved. Remember to share all the wonderful activities you're doing at home.

We love every Flexi-Friday but this one felt a little more "historic" as we spent the day learning about King Charles III. Many of the children were surprised to learn that he was the first heir to attend an actual school rather than being taught at home. They were impressed by his commitment to charities and the environment too. Classes were able to spend the end of the day preparing decorations for the classroom which we look forward to using next week.

In maths, we've continued learning all things FRACTIONS. This can be quite a confusing topic but the children have shown their resilience and determination as always. 

Questions to ask this weekend:

*How do you know 1/2 and 3/6 are equivalent?

*What is 1/3 of 12? Can you draw a bar model to prove it?

*Which conjunctions and adjectives are most useful when trying to persuade someone to come to Birmingham?

*After reading "The Wild", was it right that the little girl returned to the forest? What happened in the text to support your decision?

*Is Little Red Riding Hood's hood roja or rosa?

*Did her abuela live in a casa or a bosque?

  • Reception - The Gingerbread Man

    Over the past few weeks, Reception have been learning the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. We created our own story maps and used these to help us to retell the story. We then emersed ourselves in the story using 'Now Press Play' and took on the role of different characters from the story. We decided to decorate our own gingerbread men using a variety of tasty treats.
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    It is always lovely to see children dressed in clothes of their own choice - we get glimpse at a hidden part of their personalities! We had Christmas jumpers, smart waistcoats, comfy trackies and swishy skirts! Clothes as unique and individual as our children! Your child will have brought home their "8 Plate" today.
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  • KS1 Hot Chocolate Superstars

    Well done to this weeks key stage 1 hot chocolate superstars!
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  • Year 3 Round Up

    We've reached a really dramatic point of our Novel - "The Time Travelling Cat" and we can't wait to find out if Topher escapes and manages to rescue his cat Ka! If your child comes home and asks to have a dig around in the back garden soil, please don't worry! Today they learnt about silt, sandy and clay soil. Using some test results, they found out that clay soil holds on to far too much water (because the particles are closely pack together) which means many of the gardens around Longbridge aren't great for growing plants!
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  • Diwali in Reception

    Reception had lots of fun celebrating Diwali. We learnt all about how people prepare for Diwali and even made our own tasty sweets and tasted other delicious treats.  We also had lots of fun decorating the outdoor area with beautiful Rangoli patterns and used playdough to make amazing Diva Lamps! 
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  • Autumn in Reception

    Reception had lots of fun learning about autumn. We observed the changes in our environment and discussed objects which we may find in autumn, such as pinecones and conkers. We went on an autumn walk and collected a variety of autumnal objects. We then learnt about the artist Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural objects to create his art.
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  • Reception - Jackson Pollock Artwork

    Reception have been exploring the art of famous artist Jackson Pollock. We looked at some of his most famous drip paintings and shared our opinions of them. We decided that Jackson Pollock's paintings look similar to fireworks and decided to make our own. We used a variety of techniques to create our drip paintings, including squirting bottles of paint, using spray bottles and flicking paint from brushes.
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  • Reception - Remembrance

    In reception, we made our own poppies to learn about Remembrance Day. The children were all very respectful. 
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  • Reception - Children in Need

    Reception had lots of fun learning about Children in Need and raising money for those in need. 
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  • Reception - The Three Little Pigs

    Over the past two weeks, Reception have been very busy learning about the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs. We started by learning the story and retelling it together using a story map. The children have been amazing at retelling the story and have enjoyed acting it out using puppets and masks. After learning the story, we decided to help the pigs by designing a brand new house for them to live in.
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