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Year 3 Round Up

4 Nov

We love a Flexi Friday!

Today we began by publishing our amazing mummification instructions then we had our second Let's Think English lesson. We really enjoy these as we get to read and watch different stories, following up with great conversations about what we've seen. Each week, we make choices and form opinions, and we get to share these with our friends.

To top it all off, we've been able to complete the make up stage to our Death masks - who knew painting blues stripes precisely could be so tricky?! We can't wait to add the glitter for a bit of bling!

Questions to ask this week:

*What made the boy and his dad change colour in "Alike"?

*How do you subtract from a hundred number e.g. 600 - 234 =?

*Can you write instructions to make your favourite meal or sandwich?