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Our Curriculum Intention

Our Curriculum Intent

Enjoy having a look at our innovative curriculum!

The documents below show an insight into what the children will be learning throughout the Academic Year, how British Values are incorporated into our planning along with a 'Wow' starter for each topic to engage children.

Whole School Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Our Geography and History Knowledge Organisers



Autumn Topic

Spring Topic

Summer Topic

Year 1

Heroes and Villains

Through the Window

The Great Post Office Mystery

Year 2

The Great Fire of London

Ahoy There! Explorers

The Great British Seaside

Year 3

The Ancient Egyptians

The City of Birmingham

A European Journey

Year 4

Kings and Castles

Awesome Oceans

Extreme Earth

Year 5

The Romans are Coming!

Amazonian Adventure 

Space - The Final Frontier 

Year 6

World War 2


Civil Rights


Our Science Knowledge Organisers



Autumn Topic

Spring Topic

Summer Topic

Year 1

Materials and Their Properties

Life and Living Processes - Animals

Plants - Seasonal Changes

Year 2

Materials - Properties and Changing Materials

Plant Growth

Living Things and Their Habitats/Life Processes

Year 3

Light Rocks

Plants - Animals and Humans

Forces and Magnets

Year 4

 Sound Electricity

 Classification - Food Chains, Digestion, Teeth

Changing Materials

Year 5

Materials - Reversible and Non-Reversible

 Life Cycles - Reproduction

Earth and Space - Forces

Year 6

Classification - Plants and Animals

 Evolution and Adaptation, Human Body and Health

Light and Electricity