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Reception - Space

Wow! What a busy few weeks in Reception learning all about space. 

We started by reading the story 'Whatever Next?'. In the story, baby bear builds his own rocket so that he can visit space and have a picnic on the moon. We discussed healthy and unhealthy foods and designed a healthy lunchbox for baby bear to take to the moon with him. We then made some delicious fruit kebabs which we decided would be a perfect healthy treat for baby bear! We then started to loo at other ways to stay healthy and took part in lots of different exercises before learning how to care for our teeth. 

This week, Miss Friar and Mrs Spruce opened their computers to find a video of a spaceship landing in our outdoor area! We went outside to investigate and found an egg with a small alien inside. The alien was Q Pootle 5 and he had left us a story all about him landing on Earth whilst trying to get to the moon party. We decided that until Q Pootle 5 could get back to space, we would throw our own moon party to make him feel welcome on Earth. 

We started by learning all about the moon and some of the famous astronauts that have been into space. We even took part in the Now Press Play immersive experience and visited the moon, Mars and Saturn; collecting lots of different rocks on our journey.

We then had lots of preparation to do to get ready for the moon party! We wrote invitations to take home to invite our favourite teddies and followed instructions to make star biscuits (one of Q Pootle 5's favourite treats). On Friday, we had a great time at our party (and so did our teddies). We danced, played and even had time to eat our biscuits. They were delicious!