"Leaders and staff have high expectations of all pupils. They want the very best for them. Pupils work hard to meet these goals."

Year 3 Round Up

27 Sep

We've had a wonderful start to the year and the children are already WOWING us with their learning.  It's great to watch them settle back into routines so quickly.

This term we kick off with the awesome ancient Egyptians. It's always a crowds pleaser - so many of the children have already gone away and began their own research on the topic. As the term progresses, we head into the dark, gruesome mummification process.

Thank you for getting straight back into the habits of reading every day with your child; we know life is busy but we also know that regular reading really does boost children's progress. Please make sure you build in 30 minutes each week of Mathletics. This is the children's maths homework. We set 2 or 3 new activities each week, once these are complete they can explore the other games available on the site.

Questions to ask:

Each week, we try to offer a few suggestions to start the children talking about their week at school. We know that they don't ways feel like telling you..."It was fine....dunno...we did stuff"! So hopefully these weekly questions get them going ;)

*Who was Howard Carter and what did he do 100 years ago?

*Why did the ancient Egyptians wear loose, white clothes?

*What happened to Flat Stanley?

*Which new adjectives have you tried out in English this week?

*What happens to the digits when you add 10 or 100?

*What is the value of the digit in the ones/tens/hundreds: 387, 409?