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Year 5 Round Up Autumn 2 Week 4

5E had a great time at Rubery Library this Friday morning. Vanessa was a fantastic host and made discovering the library so much fun!  The staff and patrons were very impressed with all the children - the teachers were so proud and made sure the children were told about the compliments they received for their impeccable manners. It's always such a joy to watch the children become excited by books (including the chatter when they found ones they recognised from lessons, or their own book corner)! 

The children were amazed to find out they could come to free weekly events (including board game and Lego sessions) or even borrow jigsaw puzzles.  Why not pop into see the wonderful staff, and wide selection of books, at Rubery for yourselves?

Books and reading are valued highly at TGPS, and in Year 5 we're loving our novel study this term. "Wonder", by RJ Palacio, is the remarkable story of a young boy facing life with significant differences to other children. We're around a third of the way through so far, and have just been stunned by the betrayal of August's best friend....the children have been engrossed by the story so far and can't wait to find out what happens.

Questions to ask

*What is an improper fraction?

*How many sixths are in 3 whole?

*How would you say this more formally and which conjunction would you use to combine the sentences?:

     All the stuff was put away and the kids were chuffed. The box thing broke and it all tipped out again.

*How did the Romans construct their roads?