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28 Apr
  • Newsletter 17th March 2023

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  • Comic Relief 2023

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  • Year 3 Round Up Spring 2 Week 3

    Next week sees the start of a very special month for our Muslim families when they will be fasting during Ramadan. The children in Year 3 are learning about Islam. So far, they have discovered the 5 pillars and linked them to some of the rituals and ceremonies around the birth of a child. It was fascinating to hear the children draw similarities to occasions in their own faiths and cultures.
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  • Newsletter 10th March 2023

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  • Reception - World Book Day

    Reception had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day this week! Lots of us dressed as our favourite characters from the stories that we read at home or wore their favourite pyjamas, just like when they do when they read bedtime stories at home. We enjoyed sharing lots of our favourite stories in class, and lots of children bought their favourite books to school to share with their friends. In the afternoon, we read the story 'Once Upon a Time' by Nick Sharrratt and used the pictures in the book to create our own story.
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  • Reception - Supertato

    In our Talk Through Stories sessions this week, Reception have been learning the story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. In the story, the Evil Pea has escaped from the freezer and is causing chaos and terrorising the other vegetables in the supermarket. We decided to think about ways that we could catch the Evil Pea and restore peace to the supermarket. We had lots of ideas such as creating cages to lock the Evil Pea in and using a net to trap him and then returning him to the freezer.
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  • Year 6 - World Book Day 2023

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  • Year 3 Round Up Spring 2 Week 6

    The children have come back into school raring to go and smash the challenges set. They've begun their latest novel study, a fantastic book written by Steven Butler and illustrated by Steven Lenton. The first in a hilarious series, "The Nothing To See Here Hotel" introduces us to the weird and wonderful world of Frankie and his family of trolls. This week, the children made predictions about the plot, solely from the front cover and blurb.
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  • Reception - Numberblocks Day

    Reception have had a brilliant day today as our classroom was transformed into Numberland, the home of the Numberblocks. We took part in lots of different Numberblocks themed activities such as making 'Stampoline' patterns and using our knowledge of number to draw accurate pictures of our favourite Numberblocks and sharing what we know about each of them. We even helped our teachers to stand in the right order using the 'diddly diddly do' rhyme that we learnt from the Numberblocks. Take a look at some of our amazing maths learning.
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  • Reception - Pancake Day

    Reception have been very busy learning how to make pancakes in preparation for Pancake Day! We carefully followed the instructions to make some pancakes together and then practised flipping them. We then got to taste the pancakes with different toppings and used our photo cubes to vote for our favourite topping. As you can see, chocolate spread was a very popular choice!
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