"At Turves Green Primary everyone is valued and included. Pupils say that their school ‘is a special place because no one is an outsider, and no one is left out’. Pupils, parents and staff agree this is a school that is getting better every day."

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28 Apr
  • Year 3 Round Up Summer Week 3

    This has been a short but action packed week. The children have been furthering their understanding of fractions by using multiplication and division to find equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions with common denominators. Using their most persuasive techniques, they've each completed their final draft of leaflet to persuade someone to visit Birmingham - they've used exaggerated adjectives, conjunctions to explain and add detail and a range of sentence types to engage the reader. Honestly, we don't know how you say no to them at home!
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  • Friday 5th May 2023 - Coronation Celebrations

    As part of our Coronation celebrations, children are invited to come to school on Friday 5th May wearing the colours of the Union Jack (red, white and blue), dress as a prince or princess, or like they are attending a royal ball.
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  • Reception - Pop Up Play Village

    Reception had a great day of role play planned by Pop Up Play Village! We got to use role play to take on the jobs of vets, doctors, builders, shopkeepers, police officers and firefighter. The children had lots of fun learning about different job roles and thinking about what they might like to be when we grow up. 
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  • Reception - Easter Egg Hunt

    Reception were very surprised to find a video of the Easter Bunny inside their classrooms. He had visited to set us a challenge - to find a tasty Easter treat. We followed the Easter Bunny's clues, using our knowledge of positional language to help us find each clue. At the end of our hunt, we found a basket of chocolate eggs. We took the basket into the classroom and counted the eggs to ensure that we had enough for us each to have one before eating them.
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  • Year 3 Round Up Spring 2 Week 5

    It has been a wonderful term, full of firsts for the whole of Year 3. It was a pleasure taking them out and about in the city centre - they were all stunned at how large and impressive the library was! Seeing it all through their eyes is fascinating and opens up so much wonder and intrigue for us all. The children have all been very busy telling the time over the last few weeks.
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  • Easter Egg Competition

    Thank you to everyone for their egg-cellent entries into the Easter Competition!
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  • Newsletter 31st March 2023

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  • Newsletter 24th March 2023

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  • Year 3 Round Up Spring 2 Week 4

    We've had a super busy week in Year 3! After zooming through the roof door of the Nothing to See Here Hotel, the raven riding Manglejaw delivered the fateful message that a goblin prince would be visiting the hotel. The children hunted through the chapter to find clues about the Bannister family's emotions. They predicted that although they might be excited by the idea of a regal resident, their feelings were overwhelming worried and paranoid.
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  • Happy St Patricks Day

    Happy St Patricks Day from everyone at Turves Green Primary School!
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