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Reception - The Three Little Pigs

Over the past two weeks, Reception have been very busy learning about the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs. 

We started by learning the story and retelling it together using a story map. After learning the story, we decided to help the pigs by designing a brand new house for them to live in. When designing our houses, we thought carefully about the features that we wanted to include.

After designing our houses, we decided to build them using a variety of materials, including junk modelling and various construction toys. We thought carefully about ways to join the materials that we used in order to create a sturdy house for the pigs to live in. The children showed great perseverance when trying to find the right technique to use. 

When we returned from assembly, we found that the houses that our teachers had built had been destroyed. We noticed a footprint in the classroom and thought that this must belong to the person responsible. We used cubes to measure the footprint together and found that it was 17 cubes long. We then measured our own footprints to prove that we could not have destroyed the house. We were still unsure who had left the footprint, so we continued to explore and look for clues. 

The next day, we received a letter from the wolf, apologising for breaking the house. He said that he had fallen over onto the house and did not mean to break it. He said that he had left us a treat to apologise and had left a map to help us to find the treat. We followed our map and found a brand new house for the pigs as well as some delicious pig shaped sweets.