"Exciting assemblies and creative opportunities enthuse the pupils and help to broaden their outlook on life. Pupils work hard to support each other."

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. What an exciting year this is going to be! We have a wide range of topics, concepts and learning to cover in order to give your children a fun filled, balanced and engaging education. We have deliberately chosen "Ancient Egypt" as our first theme this year, as it often proves to be exciting and really captures the curiosity of the children. There will be many opportunities to be creative and learn new skills, but also learn a few "gruesome" details along the way!

First we would like to introduce ourselves and our roles in Year 3. 

Mrs Adams (Teaching Assistant 3E)

Mr Dalley (Class Teacher 3D)

Mrs Evans (Class Teacher 3E)

Mrs Haywood (Teaching Assistant 3D)

Maths: We use a mastery approach that will continue to develop the skills in solving calculations efficiently. To make sure children fully understand, we are going to continue to use practical resources such as Base Ten, counters and unifix cubes, before moving onto written methods. Along with your support, we will be teaching your child to be fluent in the key areas of maths through frequent and varied practise. This will develop their confidence with numbers and help to recall facts accurately and rapidly. We are also continuing to use Mathletics to support your child (see link on homepage).  Tasks will be set up to three times a week, but children can also access games and take part in challenges.

Reading and English: We explore a wide variation of text types by looking at language and features used before planning, writing and editing. They will both also fall under the umbrella of "Egypt". In English we begin by focusing on the importance of language choice to build up a vivid setting description. In Reading, we spend Autumn 1 visiting a range of shorter extracts from books such as "Don't Disturb the Dragons", "Oliver and the Seawigs" and "Flat Stanley"; then in Autumn 2 we complete our first novel study around "The Time Travelling Cat". You can help your child by reading regularly and discussing the words used and the impact they have on the reader; model thinking aloud as you read - asking questions, making predictions, linking to other things you have read and seen.

A few things to remember:  

PE: children will need to wear their PE kit to school on that day. Please make sure your child wears suitable footwear for active play.

Both classes have PE every Thursday. 

3E will also have PE: every other Tuesday 1st November, 15th November, 29th November, 13th December.

3D will also have PE: every other Wednesday 2nd November, 16th November, 30th November, 14th December.



Spellings will be sent home and children will have one week to learn them. They will be tested each Friday.

Reading should be completed daily and signed by an adult.

Mathletics should be used daily (5-10mins).

Please make sure all clothing items are named, especially jumpers, cardigans and coats.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to book in with your class teacher, who will be happy to help.

We've had a wonderful start to the year and the children are already WOWING us with their learning.  It's great to watch them settle back into routines so quickly.

This term we kick off with the awesome ancient Egyptians. It's always a crowds pleaser - so many of the children have already gone away and began their own research on the topic. As the term progresses, we head into the dark, gruesome mummification process.

Thank you for getting straight back into the habits of reading every day with your child; we know life is busy but we also know that regular reading really does boost children's progress. Please make sure you build in 30 minutes each week of Mathletics. This is the children's maths homework. We set 2 or 3 new activities each week, once these are complete they can explore the other games available on the site.

Questions to ask:

Each week, we try to offer a few suggestions to start the children talking about their week at school. We know that they don't ways feel like telling you..."It was fine....dunno...we did stuff"! So hopefully these weekly questions get them going ;)

*Who was Howard Carter and what did he do 100 years ago?

*Why did the ancient Egyptians wear loose, white clothes?

*What happened to Flat Stanley?

*Which new adjectives have you tried out in English this week?

*What happens to the digits when you add 10 or 100?

*What is the value of the digit in the ones/tens/hundreds: 387, 409?