"Exciting assemblies and creative opportunities enthuse the pupils and help to broaden their outlook on life. Pupils work hard to support each other."

Year 3 Round Up Spring 2 Week 5

It has been a wonderful term, full of firsts for the whole of Year 3.

It was a pleasure taking them out and about in the city centre - they were all stunned at how large and impressive the library was! Seeing it all through their eyes is fascinating and opens up so much wonder and intrigue for us all.

The children have all been very busy telling the time over the last few weeks. It can be a tricky concept to get a handle of but such an important life skill. They are practising counting round in 5 minutes and seconds, telling the time in 12 and 24 hour format, reading analogue clocks and calculating durations of time.

Today's Flexi Friday is always a favourite, and gives so many opportunities to showcase hidden talents. The children have made amazing change purses and we are sure they are all looking forward to bringing them home in the Summer Term.

Holiday challenges!

*Explore Longbridge and the city centre - hop on a train and get them to show you some of their favourite landmarks.

*Encourage lots of time telling and "how long until".


*Bake something delicious and make us jealous after the break! There are so many fantastic websites out there with easy recipes. Mrs Evans loves Jane's Patisserie (the cookies.....yum!).

*Draw, paint, build.

*Enjoy a walk in the park.