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Keeping Children Safe Online

ICT can offer many positive educational and social benefits to young people, but unfortunately there are risks too. As in any other area of life children are vulnerable and may expose themselves to danger - knowingly or unknowingly - when using the internet.

The key dangers are:

  • Exposure to inappropriate material (this may be pornographic; hateful or violent in nature; material that encourages activities that are dangerous or illegal; or simply age-inappropriate).
  • The threat of physical danger through sharing personal information.
  • Cyber bullying.

At Turves Green Primary School, we protect our children in the following ways:

  • All internet access is supervised, and protected by the Local Authority Firewall.
  • All staff sign an 'Acceptable Use Policy' which covers the key principles of our E-Safety Policy.
  • Regular E-Safety training for staff, pupils and parents.
  • Regular reviews of our E-Safety Policy in the light of rapid technological change.

Our current E-Safety Policy is available to read on our Policies page.

Useful Websites

The following websites are useful for further guidance and support:

Useful Guides

E-Safety Tips for Parents: Under 5

E-Safety Tips for Parents: 6-10