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Year 3 Round Up

25 Nov

We've reached a really dramatic point of our Novel - "The Time Travelling Cat" and we can't wait to find out if Topher escapes and manages to rescue his cat Ka!

If your child comes home and asks to have a dig around in the back garden soil, please don't worry! Today they learnt about silt, sandy and clay soil. Using some test results, they found out that clay soil holds on to far too much water (because the particles are closely pack together) which means many of the gardens around Longbridge aren't great for growing plants!

Next week, 3E will have PE on Tuesday 29th November and Thursday 1st December.

                  3D will have PE on Wednesday 30th November and Thursday 1st December.

Friday is own clothes day for a donation of CHOCOLATE! Apparently, it isn't for the teachers, it's for tombola prizes and this year's Christmas festivities!