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Year 3 Round Up

4 Nov

This week we have been well and truly getting “stuck into” our geography topic. Using our maps we have been exploring the physical features of Europe. We were surprised that the River Danube flowed through so many countries. We were already familiar with the Alps as we knew it crossed the border between Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland. In English, we have been reading about France; this will help us write our own information text about a different European country later in the term.

At the beginning of the week, we made right angle checkers to find angles that measure 90 degrees. Next week, we will investigate angles that are smaller and larger than right angles. We’ve also solved and written our own word problems as a way to practise adding 3-digit numbers with renaming.

Here are two written by children:

There are 565 children in Turves Green School. There are 567 children in Colmers School. How many children are there altogether? (Kellen)

I read 267 pages of a book in the morning. I read another 323 pages of the book in the afternoon. How many pages did I read altogether? (Poppy)

Excitingly, we started our new novel study this week: Danger at Dead Man’s Pass by MG Leonard and Sam Sedgeman. Chapter one has been incredibly tense and we can’t wait to find out what adventure Hal and his uncle go on. This is the third book in a series – all come highly recommended by Mrs Evans!

Questions to ask this weekend:

*What can you see and do in Paris?

*What does sombre mean?

*What's the purpose of an information text?

*What's the difference between an angle and an angel?!