"At Turves Green Primary everyone is valued and included. Pupils say that their school ‘is a special place because no one is an outsider, and no one is left out’. Pupils, parents and staff agree this is a school that is getting better every day."

Year 5 Round Up Summer 1 Week 3

29 Apr

Friday was a delicious afternoon! The children tried a variety of food - we discussed taste, texture, appearance and smell. It was interesting to see how they supported and encouraged each other when trying new things. This will form the basis for our bread baking; the children will choose their favourite combination of ingredients to add to their bread dough.

In English, we have been writing our own version of a known science fiction story, by changing the setting and "alien momento". Our mini authors are becoming highly skilled at building the mood of a story by carefully selecting vocabulary. In order to improve even further, they will be experimenting with ways to use dialogue to move the action forward.

Did you know, there are stories of Newton and Galileo experimenting with objects and the rate of their fall? They both theorised that two different objects, with vastly different masses, would reach the ground at the same time. We tested this out with a variety of objects found within our classrooms....minds....blown! 

Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum | Human Universe - BBC (youtube.com)

Questions to ask this week:

*Why have humans explored space, and what has that given our modern society?

*How would you react if you saw and heard an alien space ship landing in the school playground?!

*What do the internal angles of a rectangle add up to?

*How would you calculate 23456 x 52?

*Why did the cricket ball and basketball reach the ground at the same time - and how would you ensure this was a fair test?