"Leaders and staff have high expectations of all pupils. They want the very best for them. Pupils work hard to meet these goals."

Year 3 - SUCCESS

Our school focus recently has been SUCCESS and the feelings it brings with it. For our pupils in Year 3 we've had an abundance of successes:

:) My spelling score went up with week (huge smile)

:) I shared my story with teacher in different year groups and got a round of applause (blushing but grinning)

:) My Birmingham cityscape looks really cool, look at how I made that curved shape (waving hands)

:) I played a weird game like football but not football. It was so much fun! (bouncing)

Success can look different for everyone but, in the words of Heather Small (M-People) it makes us feeeeeeeel prooouuud!

Questions to ask this weekend

*What is a cityscape?

*What makes a painting interesting to you?

*Which landmark in Birmingham looks the most interesting and why?!

*How are 6kg 200g and 5kg 1200g equivalent?

*When you start writing your own adventure story next week, what will happen to the two main characters?