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Year 3 Round Up

1 Jul
1st Jul 2022
Many people think that school life starts to slow down toward the end of the summer term, but the children of Turves Green can tell you that’s not true! They are still doing their very best with every piece of learning and challenge we set them.

This week, we’ve been revisiting and extending our knowledge of perimeter – we noticed how much our measuring skills have improved and we are highly skilled at explaining the reasoning behind our mental calculations. We’ve been playing a game called “Running Total” to help us, all need is a dice or a pack of cards!

As we reached the end of Chapter 6 of Danger at Dead Man’s Pass, the children wrote a letter from the main character Hal to his best friend back home. The letters were full of references to the text and great descriptions of the dodgy, wealthy baron!

Today’s Flexi Friday saw us use the research and colour mixing from two weeks ago, to complete our own versions of Monet’s impressionist art. We really enjoyed the quick, watery brushstrokes for the background and then adding in our chosen detail elements…all inspired by the great man himself.

Finally, we'd just like to congratulate Maddie and Poppy-Jayne for their performance in this year's Bournville Festival Maypole. They had to contend with some epic rain and hail showers, but never stopped smiling! In true Turves Green style, they persevered and did us proud....GO GIRLS!!!

Questions to ask this weekend:

*What do you think will happen once Hal and Uncle Nat reach Berlin?

*Is the baron dodgy or delightful and why?

*What do you know about a rectangle that can help you calculate its perimeter?

*If a triangle has a total perimeter of 20cm and two of its sides measure 8cm and 3cm in length, how long is the final side?

*What information are you going to include in your European Country text?