"At Turves Green Primary everyone is valued and included. Pupils say that their school ‘is a special place because no one is an outsider, and no one is left out’. Pupils, parents and staff agree this is a school that is getting better every day."

Year 3 Round Up Summer Week 3

This has been a short but action packed week. 

The children have been furthering their understanding of fractions by using multiplication and division to find equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions with common denominators.

Using their most persuasive techniques, they've each completed their final draft of leaflet to persuade someone to visit Birmingham - they've used exaggerated adjectives, conjunctions to explain and add detail and a range of sentence types to engage the reader. Honestly, we don't know how you say no to them at home!

We hope you have a happy and healthy long weekend, whether you choose to celebrate the Coronation or not. They children are all incredibly proud of their artwork, as they well should be. We invite you to try the Draw With Rob royal crown, and perhaps try some of his other videos too.

Questions to ask this weekend:

*Add the missing symbol (< > =) to complete this sentence:  6/8 _______ 3/8.

*How do you know 1/4 is smaller than 3/4?

*What Mathletics activities shall we do?

*Was the bear foolish or brave?!