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Year 3 Round Up Spring Week 2

Year 3 have been busy little bees this week. We've begun writing a new version of Anthony Browne's "The Tunnel", in which the siblings will go on an adventure in a haunted house. In reading and writing lessons, we've been focusing (ooh! One of our spellings from this week!) on building the tension and drama for the reader. The children have talked about racing hearts, butterflies and even finding a new phrase - snakes in the tummy - from the class novel.

Our geography lessons have been full of new skills like map reading using symbols and coordinates, and exploring the opportunities on offer for tourists in our great city. It is always lovely to hear the children speak about the places they've been in and around the city centre. We are also enjoying the home activities that have been brought in so far...check out the knowledge organiser and keep them coming! Even Mrs Evans' children wanted to find out more after hearing about the Year 3 learning over the past fortnight (there's always one that won't be in photo, isn't there?)!

This week, we have discovered that less than 10 pupils in each class have been using Mathletics consistently. Please remember that 30 minutes per week is the minimum expectation and that it is the children's set homework, alongside spelling and reading.

Questions to ask this weekend:

*What happens to the brother in your story?

*In "The Ruin", why do you think the city has been abandoned? What do you think is in the classified box?

*How do you know which is heavier: a bag of flour with a mass of 600g or a box of toilet roll with a mass of 2kg?