"Leaders and staff have high expectations of all pupils. They want the very best for them. Pupils work hard to meet these goals."

Year 5 Round Up Autumn 2 Week 6

15 Dec

The run up to Christmas can be exciting and distracting but we are so proud of the pupils in Year 5 for maintaining their focus and effort.

This week we have planned a final design for our Ancient Roman cams toys. We are looking forward to seeing a plethora of vicious battle scenes and chariots bouncing along dirt tracks!

We have enjoyed another Let's Think English session this half term, in which we discussed a poem called "Lulu".  It's always fascinating to hear the theories that the children come up with - they are such creative thinkers and their explanations have developed brilliantly. As part of this session, groups and individuals had a go at writing their own stanza to fit in with the feelings of panic and confusion, by using questions (like we've investigated in our reading lessons). They were all so proud of their additions.

Our final PD lesson of the term was a delightful book called "Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina". A grey, drab world gets transformed after a small boy befriends a new family in his community. He encourages his neighbours to embrace differences (and rainbow colours) in their lives. It is always heart-warming to hear how much our children embrace the school's NO OUTSIDERS ethos.