"Leaders and staff have high expectations of all pupils. They want the very best for them. Pupils work hard to meet these goals."

Year 3 Round Up Spring 2 Week 4

We've had a super busy week in Year 3! After zooming through the roof door of the Nothing to See Here Hotel, the raven riding Manglejaw delivered the fateful message that a goblin prince would be visiting the hotel. The children hunted through the chapter to find clues about the Bannister family's emotions. They predicted that although they might be excited by the idea of a regal resident, their feelings were overwhelming worried and paranoid. It is always amazing to hear the children share theories, support ideas with evidence and try to convince each other they're right!

To round off the week, 3E were excited to set off on their very first school trip! The rain held off until the very end of the morning and we were able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. The children were astounded at the size of the library (a firm favourite amongst them all) and described the architecture as a bit of a pick n mix! We hope you enjoy the sketches they bring home this weekend. 3D will have an equally great time on Monday 27th.

Please remember to complete the Mathletics homework each week. 3D are doing a fantastic job - ranking 3rd of the KS2 classes for the second week in a row! How spectacular!

Questions to ask this weekend:

*Which was your favourite landmark and what did you like about it?

*What does the Roman numeral IX stand for?

*What does 8:45am look like on the digital clock? How would you say that time using the word "to"?

*What acts of kindness can you do this weekend?