"Leaders and staff have high expectations of all pupils. They want the very best for them. Pupils work hard to meet these goals."

Year 3 Round Up Spring 2 Week 6

The children have come back into school raring to go and smash the challenges set.

They've begun their latest novel study, a fantastic book written by Steven Butler and illustrated by Steven Lenton. The first in a hilarious series, "The Nothing To See Here Hotel" introduces us to the weird and wonderful world of Frankie and his family of trolls. This week, the children made predictions about the plot, solely from the front cover and blurb. Reading is a huge passion of all the staff in Year 3 and, as the children pointed out, they all seem to prefer "kids" books! The reason? Apparently, kids' books are about fun and drama and enjoyment, while books for grown ups try to be to fancy with big words! 

We all had so much fun celebrating reading and World Book Day; thank you to all the children who shared their favourite books and stories with us all. We think their commemorative plates and homemade books were super creative.

Questions to ask this weekend

*If the box set of Nothing to See Here Hotel books usually costs £15.50 but the supermarket has reduced the price by 80p, what will the new cost be?

*Why do you think Granny Regurgita has been given the room which is 399 steps away, up a tower, away from the other hotel guests?

*Which World Book Day book shall we spend your voucher on?!