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15 Dec
  • World Book Day 2024

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  • Year 5 Spring 1 Week 3

    Year 5 have been recapping prior "plants" learning from Year 4 and building on additional vocabulary. This week, they dissected a flower in order to identify the different reproductive parts. In pairs, they were able to add labels explaining the purpose and function of each part of the pollination and fertilisation process. Of course, this links very nicely to our theme this term, which is "Rainforest".
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  • Year 5 Round Up Autumn 2 Week 6

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  • Reception - The Gingerbread Man

    Over the past few weeks, Reception have been learning the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. We created our own story maps and used these to help us to retell the story. We decided to decorate our own gingerbread men using a variety of tasty sweets. However, we were very disappointed when we came to eat our gingerbread men and found that the biscuit tin was empty!
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  • Year 5 Round Up Autumn 2 Week 4

    5E had a great time at Rubery Library this Friday morning. Vanessa was a fantastic host and made discovering the library so much fun! The staff and patrons were very impressed with all the children - the teachers were so proud and made sure the children were told about the compliments they received for their impeccable manners. It's always such a joy to watch the children become excited by books (including the chatter when they found ones they recognised from lessons, or their own book corner)!
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  • Reception - Autumn Land Art

    Reception had lots of fun learning about autumn. We observed the changes in our environment and discussed objects which we may find in autumn, such as pinecones and conkers. We went on an autumn walk and collected a variety of autumnal objects. We then learnt about the artist Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural objects to create his art.
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  • Diwali in Reception

    Reception had lots of fun celebrating Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and learnt about why Diwali is such an important celebration for lots of people around the world. We learnt all about how people prepare for Diwali and prepared the classroom by making lots of decorations, including beautiful Rangoli patterns. We also used playdough to make our own diva lamps which we decorated using a selection of gems and beads.
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  • Reception - The Three Little Pigs

    Over the past two weeks, Reception have been very busy learning about the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs. We started by learning the story and retelling it together using a story map. After learning the story, we decided to help the pigs by designing a brand new house for them to live in. When designing our houses, we thought carefully about the features that we wanted to include.
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  • Year 5 Autumn2 Week1 Round up

    What a fantastic first week back! To launch us right back into learning, we took the children into battle! They were excellent Roman soldiers, utilising their self-made shields to defend themselves and the rest of their legion. Their shield designs were not only historically accurate, but also vivid and creative.
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  • Year 5 Autumn Week 4

    We've completed 4 weeks of learning and the children have been blowing us away! Their understanding of place value of numbers up to 1 million was great, as a result they could round the numbers to a variety of different places and explain their understanding. The pupils have no moved onto addition with renaming before they move onto subtraction. In English and Reading, we've found, discussed and practised a variety of ways to create the mood and imagery for the reader.
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