"Exciting assemblies and creative opportunities enthuse the pupils and help to broaden their outlook on life. Pupils work hard to support each other."

Our School Council

At Turves Green Primary School, our School Council represents the children in each of our classes. The Councillors have been elected by their classmates, to best express the views and issues that arise in day-to-day school life.

In our school council meetings we discuss ways of making our school a better place to be. After a school council meeting it is our job to feedback to our class and teachers.

Sometimes guests are invited to our meetings so that they can listen to ideas and suggestions from Turves Green pupils. We write important things down in our special School Council book and take the book to every meeting.

At Turves Green Primary School, we are developing life skills. We believe that by contributing our views and expressing our feelings, we will be able to voice opinions and find solutions to everyday problems as we grow up.

Our School Council realise the role they have is an extremely important one and that they need to try and be a good role-model for their classmates. Therefore it is very important that we always try our best to make good choices and do our best in our learning.

In our first meeting we decided on a School Council vision statement:

Our school council listens to everyone’s ideas and tries as hard as they can to make the school better. They will do what they can to make sure all children can learn.