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Turves Green Primary School, Birmingham

The Little Red Hen

19th Nov 2020

This week we have been learning a new story...The Little Red Hen.

We started off the week retelling the story and with lots of practise we can now retell the story without any prompts! We added different voices for the characters and The Little Red Hen was a bit stroppy as the other characters wouldn't help her to make the bread!

We thought about whether the characters were right not to help The Little Red Hen and what we would have done if The Little Red Hen has asked us for help. We definitely would have helped to make the bread so we decided to help each other and make our own...we even got to eat it. It tasted yummy 😋.

We then took on the role of the different characters and wrote speech bubbles to tell The Little Red Hen what we would do next time so that she would share her bread with us.