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Turves Green Primary School, Birmingham

Year 3 Round Up

19th Nov 2021

It was lovely seeing all the children dressed in their brightly coloured clothes today, to show their support for Children In Need. It was a great way to lift any tired spirits and made everything shine that little bit more!

This afternoon, we were fortunate to try a new piece of technology, called NowPressPlay. The children were immersed into a PSHE story which centred on a child's feelings and reactions to some worrying news. The children each had their own headphones and were able to explore the events by following the narrator's instructions. The experience was overwhelmingly positive; they had interesting and thoughtful responses about the character's mental health. 

"My favourite part was when "he" told the teacher and his mom about how he felt. It didn't seem so bad then."

"It felt like V.R but just with hearing."

"Children will like this. It's fun doing the actions."

"It really felt like you were the person."


Questions to ask this weekend:

  • Tell me about the now>press>play experience you had today.
  • How did the story make you feel?
  • What did you learn from it?
  • What can we do when we’re feeling angry / sad / scared?

*In your opinion, what makes a good friend?

*Can 3 consecutive numbers always be divided equally by 3?

*How do you think Topher will "give his parents the slip?

*If you double the divisor, what happens to the quotient?