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Turves Green Primary School, Birmingham

Year 3 Round Up

14th Jan 2022

Today we have been poets!

Since the start of term, we have been looking at the ways poets use devices such as alliteration and similes to engage their readers, and to make their poetry come alive. The children become so expert, they were identifying examples in a wide variety of contexts - from assemblies to stories.

For Flexi-Friday, the children were introduced to the Birmingham Bull (cue lots of excited squeals of: "I've been there!" "I had a photo taken in front of that!"). They built fabulous, imaginative vocabulary to describe its appearance and behaviour, before using the structure of a known poem in order to create their own. We've put every pupil's poem into a Year 3 Anthology which each class will receive a copy of. One has also been given to Mrs Holland and Mrs Harker-Daniels, who (once they have read the poems) will place the collection in the school library for other children to enjoy. 

Keep an eye out next week for your child's own poem, which they will be allowed to keep.

Questions to ask this weekend:

  • Can you create a simile for the weather? (as icy as____, cold like___ etc)
  • What is alliteration?
  • Can you find an advert (TV or printed) which uses alliteration?
  • How many cm are there in 2m?
  • Which is larger, 1m 18cm or 167cm?
  • Would you use cm, m or km to measure: your hair, a finger nail, your bed, from your house to the shops, from Aston Villa to the Licky Hills?
  • How would you convert 4km 85m into m? Can you write the answer accurately, with the correct place value?