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Turves Green Primary School, Birmingham

Year 3 Round Up

12th Nov 2021

This week we have begun planning our own set of instructions, for the process of mummification (it’s gruesome, but interesting)! The children have had to think very carefully about the languages choices as their readers need to know precisely what to do, and how to do it.

In maths, there’s been a big focus on times tables, namely 3s and 4s. These are two of the times tables children must learn in Year 3. The more practise you can do at home, the better – playing cards and dice are great for this as they generate questions for children to answer…adding the extra element of beating a clock or top score increases the drama factor!

As part of our Flex-Friday, the children made “Times Table Plates”. They will be bringing them home as another way to learn the number facts. We’ve added the instructions if you would like to make your own at home –you will need paper plates, glue, scissors and felt tip pens 😊   To support your child at home, please remember that all children should be using Times Table Rockstars regularly as part of their homework. We ask that they access this at least 30 minutes per week, but encourage you to spread the time in a way that suits your family and time together.

We have almost finished our spectacular Death Masks. Today involved A LOT of paint! Over the next couple of weeks, we will add the all important “bling” (aka glitter!).

Questions to ask this weekend:

Which word is the odd one out: precise, exact or unclear? Why?

What are the steps of mummification? Which step is the most gruesome?

How does 2 x 4 = 8 help you calculate 4 x 4?

What makes Ka so special?

What do you think will happen next in “The Time Travelling Cat”?

What did the Ancient Egyptians think of the colours black and red?