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Turves Green Primary School, Birmingham

Year 3 Round Up

13th May 2022

Thankfully, the sun stayed with us for most of the week and the children have been out having fun and absorbing that vitamin D!

This week, we started planning our own version of warning story; we decided to change the dangerous location that Mitch and Connor would explore. Already, the children have been suggesting words from other texts we have read in the past, and modelling how they are going to use them.

This week we have tackled the often tricky fractions of amounts! Once again, the use of counters and bar models has been invaluable - they can see how we share (divide) the amount by the total number of parts and then count up (multiply) the number of parts looked for.

Questions to ask this weekend:

*What is 2/5 of 30?

*How does knowing 1/3 of 21 is 7, help calculate 2/3 of 21?

*Describe the building site that Mitch and Connor play in.

*What are the 6 parts of your warning story?

*Would you want to read the rest of "A Boy And A Bear In A Boat"? Why?

*How is a human like a plant?