"At Turves Green Primary everyone is valued and included. Pupils say that their school ‘is a special place because no one is an outsider, and no one is left out’. Pupils, parents and staff agree this is a school that is getting better every day."

Free School Meals

Could your child be eligible for Free School Meals? 

It is quick and easy to find out if your child is eligible for Free School Meals. We would encourage all parents and carers to apply online to check eligibility. The online checking service will instantly advise you if your child is eligible to receive free school meals. In addition, for every child entitled to free school meals we will also receive additional funding (Pupil Premium) from the Government which we use to use support teaching & learning. 

How do I apply?

Simply apply online at www.cloudforedu.org.uk/ofsm/birmingham/

You will need your national insurance number or national asylum support service reference number & your child’s date of birth.

If you are unable to access the internet, an application can be made by school. If you would like school to apply on your behalf or if you need any further support or assistance in completing your application, please contact enquiry@turvesgreen.excelsiormat.org or speak to Miss Taylor on 0121 464 3686.